Denver Comic Con is About to Begin

 Fans, Artists, and celebrities across the globe are heading to Denver for one of my favorite conventions, Denver Comic Con. Just like any year at Denver Comic con it is going to be an amazing convention that has built my excitement for months. This year I am proud to be covering this convention as media with a website that I love and respect, Who Girls. I will also be a panelist on some incredible Doctor Who panels with Who Girls. Please make sure to come and see us in room 207 throughout the convention.  


There are so many things to be pumped for, but one of my favorite things to do is catch up with all the artists. One thing I love about Denver Comic Con is the wide variety of comic book artists and writers that Denver Comic Con delivers to fans from all across the nation. Allen Bellman, Ben Templesmith, Dan Conner, Elliot S Magin, Gene Ha, John Beatty, Marguerite Bennett, Matthew Waite, Neal Adams, Mark Irwin, Mark McKenna, Trina Robins, are all some of my personal comic book favorites that will be there this year plus many more. There is also lots of other creative artists such as Tim Miller, a personal friend and favorite who is an amazing bombshell sculptor for DC comics and Mcfarlane toys. Zac Conley is also another one of my favorite local artists who has some incredible art that you won’t find from most artists. Zac is also sharing a booth with Faceoff winner Rashaad Santiago who is also a personal friend and favorite. Make sure you check out Artist Alley along with the merchandise this year there will be something for every geek desire. Not only will there be merchandise and artists but also a podcasting peak and various radio shows.


The guest list at Denver Comic Con is absolutely incredible guests this year and I can’t wait to meet some of them and do some photo ops. Walking Dead fans, David Morrissey and Scott Wilson will both be there this year. You can get a photo with them alone and also together, and this is one photo op that I won’t be missing. There are also some great guests for the Trekkies, such as Nichelle Nichols and Garrett Wang. Karen Gillan will also be there for all the Whovian and Guardians fans. This year the theme for Denver Comic Con is the Animaniacs and several guests coming as part of the Animaniacs celebration. There will also be quite a few guests from one of my favorite classic movies, Weird Science. There are so many amazing guests this year, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have time to catch everyone. Make sure you buy your photo op pictures before they are sold out.


Let’s not forget all the amazing panels for this year’s convention. I am completely pumped to be on some Doctor Who panels with one of my favorite websites. One way for me to identify a good convention is when there are so many good panels that I can’t decide which ones I want to go to more. There will be something this year from everyone from film and television to animation to comics. Denver Comic Con has over 400 hours of programming this year and there is something for everyone to enjoy. There are so many great panels for kids this year too from learning how to draw comics to seeing and enjoying some of your kids favorite animation and voice actors.


Denver Comic Con starts tomorrow but before this amazing convention starts there are a few events going on tonight. First there is the opening ceremonies for Denver Comic Con, and as long as you have a badge for any of the three days you can attend this free. If you want to get a good feel for the convention then it’s a great thing to attend. As an attendee you will learn more about Denver Comic Con and a more in depth look of the different attractions at the convention. There will also be giveaways with special edition merchandise that you can only get at the Opening Ceremonies. The other event going on tomorrow night is Mile High Comics big Denver Comic Con party, and it’s something that I never miss. They have amazing guests and artists signing and doing photo ops. Tonight at Mile High Comics there will be over 35 artists plus Lou Ferrigno will also be there. One thing I love about Mile High is the charities that they donate to with the profits from these parties. There will also be superhero wrestling and several other attractions.


Denver Comic Con is sponsored by Pop Culture Classroom, an excellent literacy program that helps kids learn how to read, write, and draw. When you contribute and attend Denver Comic Con you are also contributing to the future of our children and their education. For more information about Comic Book Classroom please see Denver Comic Cons website. For more information about this year’s convention and a full list of attractions and times please see Denver Comic Cons website. Please stay tuned for more coverage from Denver Comic Con 2015 on and



Written by Gina Desmond

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Doctor Who Top Ten – Denver Comic Con Poll

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Poll and Interactive Panel – Denver Comic Con 2015

 We need you!  All Whovians have their favorite episode and we want to know which one is yours.  Please vote for your favorite episode below (or write it in if your favorite is not listed).  Then join us at Denver Comic Con 2015 as we reveal and discuss the top 10 favorite episodes as voted on by you!

Poll is open 04/23/15 – 05/16/15.  Please contact WhoGirls at if you have any questions.

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