Mile High SciFi Versus Willow


If you live here in the Denver area, one of the most amazing things you can do every month is to go to a Mile High Sci-Fi show at the Alamo Drafthouse Denver. If you have yet to experience the epic that is Mile High Sci-Fi, let me give you a quick run down of exactly what you are missing out on. Think, Mystery Science Theater 3000 but with well known “B” 80s flicks (mainly) in a real (awesome) theater and the comedians doing jokes throughout the entire movie. Sound amazing? Well that is because it is! 

Harrison Rains and the crew from Mile High Sci-Fi work hard every month to bring you a new show each month where you can sit back relax and laugh your ass off. These showings are always interactive with either costume contests or prizes to be handed out. The Alamo Drafthouse is my favorite theater in Denver, the atmosphere is outstanding and it is also has full service bar/food, so basically you are guaranteed to have a great time there! 

The next show for Mile High Sci-Fi is Willow, yes you read that right, Willow! Harrison has waited 9 years to be able to take on this movie so you know that the jokes are going to be outstanding. Just remember that the comedians DO talk through the movie, that is the whole point! Not only do you get hysterical jokes through it but sometimes they ask for audience interaction, plus they can add sound effects and change the movie soundtrack, there is no other show in Denver like Mile High Sci-Fi! 

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X-Men Days of Future Past Rocks My Socks Off


**Spoilers Ahead Read On With Caution** 

Out today is the latest movie in the X-Men franchise, Bryan Singer’s “Days of Future Past.” This entertaining time-travel tale serves both as a sequel and as a mash up, combing the original trilogy characters along with their younger selves from “X-Men: First Class.” Opening up in a post-apocalyptic future, a war is still raging on and the mutants are losing. Weapons called Sentinels are programmed with a sole purpose, to track down anybody who has the mutant gene (or could produce a child/grandchildren with a mutant gene) and destroy them. They also are instructed to kill the humans who have tried to help the mutants, no one, it seems is a winner. We open with a group of the X-Men getting attacked by said Sentinels and they are dying off fast. Although they are physically at a disadvantage against the Sentinels they are able to escape through portals in the time-space continuum. Kitty Pryde is able to send minds back in time, so they can warn their past selves of when and where a future attack will take place. It is in this grim scene where Professor X (Stewart), Magneto (McKellen) and Wolverine make a grand almost Shakespearean entrance. Professor X is certain he knows where the past went wrong and is excited about the use of Kitty Pryde power, being able to send a mind back in time (awesome teleportation abilities), where he hopes to fix the future. The catch? Well it damages the mind and even sending someone back a few weeks is a very harmful thing to the brain, how are they going to go back centuries without killing the body? Good ol Wolverine is there to save the day with his kick-ass healing powers of course and just like that the X-Men are heading into the past to fix the future.

So in a very inception-esque style, Wolverine’s mind gets sent back to 1970 where he has to reunite Professor X with Magneto and stop Raven (then Mystique) from killing the mutant-hating scientist, Dr. Trask, at a peace convention in Paris. The problem here, well Professor X is all doped up without any powers to keep himself walking and Magneto is held in a high security prison under the Pentagon for being accused of killing JFK with the well known bending bullet.  Wolverine and Professor X have to spring Magneto from this Loki style jail cell and work together to stop Raven which of course opens up old wounds on how mutants should carry themselves. They also bicker like an old married couple back and forth throughout the whole past timeline.

Perhaps inevitably, it is in the film’s opening act where almost all the fun is to be had. Wolverine firstly recruits Beast (Hoult) and Quicksilver (Peters) to help him bust into the Pentagon. Quicksilver’s infinitely fast moves effectively trump every other power and superpower; it is a slight bafflement, in fact, that Quicksilver himself does not rule the world, or at least appear in much more of the film. There is a glorious “bullet-time” scene during a shoot-out in which Quicksilver ambles around, catching the bullets as they float towards the cowering, freeze-framed Magneto and Xavier – and all to Jim Croce’s yearning song If I Could Save Time in a Bottle. The bullet scene alone and how amazing Peters is as Quicksilver makes me want to go see this flick again specifically for that one part! Another badass moment in the beginning is when Professor X tells Wolverine, upon hearing his crazy “I came from the future” tale, tells Wolverine the exact words he used when Professor tries to recruit him in “X-Men: First Class” which of course was “Go F**k yourself.” This moment was classic and I busted out laughing.

The characters are all outstanding, young Magneto is powerful and commanding while Professor X quietly battles with himself not having powers and trying to get the mutants to follow his lead in “doing the right thing.” Jennifer Lawerence as Raven/Mystique is brilliant and I really don’t think anyone could have played her role better. She owned it and was a strong and powerful female character. Wolverine is an unassuming and robust as he always is, and you cannot go wrong with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the same flick!

The action flashes eagerly around – to Vietnam, Paris, to that post-apocalyptic wasteland from which Wolverine makes his blast to the past. And, of course, there’s Washington DC, where the mutants are to encounter the president, Richard Nixon (Mark Camacho), in a truly spectacular setting. Finally, the X-Men extricate themselves from incoherence – more or less – with the help of a newspaper front page that explains to the audience how exactly a reasonably happy ending has supposedly been achieved. It was a dizzying but enjoyable ride. I highly recommend this flick to any superhero or X-Men fan as it is easily the best since X2.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Reunion At Denver Comic Con



Denver Comic Con (a wonderful non-profit organization benefiting Comic Book Classroom) recently announced that Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, will be hosting a cast reunion event of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” at this years convention!

Saturday June 14th at the Bellco Theater, fans will be able to see six TNG Cast Members on stage with William Shatner as their Master of Ceremonies! This specially ticketed event will for sure be a sell out! The tickets range from $50-$150 and can be purchased at  **Please note that you do have to have a paid admission into the convention to be able to purchase tickets for this event.**

Master of Ceremonies- William Shatner 

      TNGWilliam Shatner

William Shatner portrayed an iconic science fiction character, James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the Starship U.S.S Enterprise in the Original Star Trek series and in 7 major motion pictures. Shatner attended Denver Comic Con last year where he read to children in the Comic Book Classroom Corral from “Where the Wild Things Are” and talked to the kids about the importance of learning, creativity and literacy.

Jonathan Frakes

TNGJonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes played Commander William T Riker, “No. 2″ to Captain Picard, in Star Trek: TNG. Frakes has taken his talent and love for the craft beyond just acting, he also has had his share in directing. He directed eight episodes of Star Trek: TNG and multiple episodes of Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. He has also directed episodes of other hit shows such as Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Dollhouse, V and Falling Skies.

LeVar Burton


TNGLeVar Burton


LeVar Burton is well known for his role as the Chief Engineer, Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: TNG as well as in all of the Next Generation films. LeVar is a perfect fit for Denver Comic Con with the resume he has! It ranges from Star Trek: TNG to the Animated Batman Series and from Super Hero Squad Show to The Big Bang Theory. LeVar also worked on an older show, Reading Rainbow, which personally was my favorite as a child. He has since rebooted Reading Rainbow on Twitter and with an App. Who better to bring to a comic/pop culture convention than someone with his career AND his love for literacy! Can we get him in the Comic Book Classroom Corral please?!?!

Denise Crosby

TNGDenise Crosby

Denise is another awesome catch for Denver Comic Con! She played two roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is awesome, Lieutenant Tasha Yar and that character’s daughter, Romulan Commander Sela. She starred in and co-produced a feature documentary called Trekkies, but her career has more nerd than just Trek on it! She was recently in AMC’s The Walking Dead, and has also been on Dexter, The X-Files, Man Men and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Michael Dorn

TNGMichael Dorn

Michael was the amazing Klingon Security Chief of the Enterprise, Lieutenant Worf. He reprises this role for all of The Next Generation feature films as well as an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! This makes Michael the actor who has appeared in Star Trek television/movies the most often, which is a really cool title to have! Not only does Michael shine on screen (Spider-Man, Justice League, Heroes, Ben 10) he has also lent his voice out for multiple video games such as: multiple Star Trek games, World of Warcraft, Saints Row II and Mass Effect 2 (just to name a few).

Gates McFadden


Gates McFadden played an amazing character on Star Trek: The Next Generation (and in the feature films) Doctor Beverly Crusher! McFadden is brilliant to me and here is why; before her role on Star Trek she worked for Jim Henson and was a mupeteer AND choreographed the ballroom scene in Labyrinth as well as some scenes in The Dark Crystal. Her television work includes classics such as The Cosby Show and All My Children, just to name a few.

Marina Sirtis

TNGMarina Sirtis 2

Marina is so much fun as a con guest! She played a favorite of mine, Counselor DeAnna Troi! Marina was in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager AND the series’ feature films! Her geek-dom doesn’t stop there either, she’s lent her voice to shows like Gargoyles and Young Justice as well as having some video game credits with Mass Effect and Batman and Robin. If you want an awesome story from her, ask her about the time she finally realized she was getting to drive the ship or about the hot sparks burning her bum!

Comic Book Classroom

Please take a few moments and read on about Comic Book Classroom, it is the whole reason why Denver Comic Con exists and just by attending Denver Comic Con you are helping this amazing program to be a reality! For more information you can always check out

“Comic Book Classroom (CBC) is a charitable organization that educates through alternative approaches to literacy, learning, and character development. CBC creates programs for underserved students, schools and communities via comic books, graphic novels, and related media. CBC is the organizer and producer for the DCC.”