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Salt Lake Comic Con – Best of Doctor Who Poll

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Please join WhoGirls.net for their favorite panel!


How this interactive panel works is that you first need to vote for your favorite (or least favorite) in each category.  We tally the results and will announce them live at Salt Lake Comic Con!

Then, join us on Thursday, September 4th at 3:00 pm in room 255B to find out the results.



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Doctor Who Returns: A Look at “Deep Breath”

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8.1- Deep Breath 

“How long can you hold your breath…?” 

Deep Breath

After what seemed like a terribly long wait for all Whovians, Doctor Who is now finally back on our tubes every week AND with a brand new Doctor. Last night saw the return of Who in our lives with Peter Capaldi in his first full episode as the Twelfth Doctor, and what an entrance it was. Dinosaur trapped in London, space robots, mysterious deaths…what could possibly go wrong? Let’s admit it, that flirting with a dinosaur (because you know The Doctor understands dinosaur) is a pretty unique way to establish yourself.

“Deep Breath” is an 80-minute episode that overall feels pretty exhausting and chaotic. The just regenerated mania is strong with Capaldi but he was extremely entertaining to watch, from flirting with a dinosaur, running across the rooftops in pjs, making comments about missing Amy and calling Clara an “egomaniac…

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The Tenth Doctor returns for his second Titan Comic


By, Heather Maloney

After an eventful and suspenseful debut in his first “Doctor Who” story with Titan Comics, The Tenth Doctor returns to continue his adventures with Gabby. On sale August 27, 2014, Issue Two is full of adventure and fun. On the hunt to figure out what is causing people to witness their worse fears, the duo work to fit the pieces together.