George Lucas makes secret appearance at Star Wars Celebration VI

1345911632_6462_George Lucas

Photo: Heather Maloney

By, Heather Maloney

Many fans would be delighted to know that yes, George Lucas is in the building.  Star Wars Celebration VI is taking place this weekend at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. A pilgrimage for “Star Wars” fans around the world, the convention is the location for breaking news and exclusive buys.

George Lucas is the creator of “Star Wars” and has built an enormous world in a galaxy not so far away. On a tour of the facilities before the convention opened on Saturday, George Lucas was spotted within the main exhibit hall taking in the sights and sounds of the event. Security was severely heightened around the center. He also, just moments ago made a rare appearance on stage at the Clone Wars panel.

Please check back for continuing coverage from the convention.

For additional information about the convention, please visit the Star Wars Celebration VI website.


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