Interview with Dave Filoni at Star Wars Celebration VI

Photo: Heather Maloney

By, Heather Maloney

Star Wars Celebration VI was an amazing weekend for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. Season Five was premiered at the event and the major cast members took part in the festivities. The Examiner had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Dave Filoni who is the Supervising Director for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

During Heather’s interview with the Director, he discusses the path to his current position. Going to school for animation, Dave found himself being groomed for the Director’s chair. He also discusses the new character Commander Thorn and what fans can expect from the upcoming season of the show. This is a season of consequences and not everyone will make it out alive.

In regards to the convention itself, Dave Filoni spoke about the magic that “Star Wars” brings. “At this convention, if you want to see a really magic moment, hang out near an R2 unit” he stated. “Wait for that moment that a little kid walks up to it and interacts with him. Suddenly you remember why this is so great.”

When talking about the differences in creating the movie as opposed to the television show, Dave Filoni talks about how the movie was simply episodes of the show presented on the big screen. Each episode is approached as a movie and they learn through experience. He adds, “I’m in a lucky position to be making ‘Star Wars’ so you can bet that while I’m making it, I am going to try to make it as good as we possibly can.”

Please watch the attached video to hear the interview in its entirety.



Published by: Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney is an avid Doctor Who and British science fiction fan. She attends the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles annually, and facilitates the Doctor Who Panels for the Starfest Convention in Denver. During her active Doctor Who Fandom, she has met four Doctors, countless companions and numerous Doctor Who actors, writers and directors. Contact Heather at

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