Why fans love ‘Doctor Who’

Enthusiasts Gather For Dr Who Experience Day
LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 16: Max Hardy, aged 6, poses by a street sign from the Doctor Who Experience on April 16, 2011 in London, England. The Doctor Who Experience Exhibition is currently running at Kensington Olympia Two, celebrating the science fiction programme that was originally screened in 1963. (Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images for BBC Worldwide)

By, Heather Maloney

Doctor Who” mania is sweeping the United States with record breaking viewing numbers and a larger presence at conventions. Even though the show is a new phenomenon on this side of the pond, fans in the United Kingdom have grown up with The Doctor generation after generation. With only the fall finale left until Christmas, Examiner reached out to fans with one question, “Why do you love ‘Doctor Who’?”

“Because for 40 years I’ve been able to share the joy it brings with three different generations of my family!” – Alan Meggs

“Who didn’t grow up and want to be able to travel through space and time? For an hour every week it gives you the chance to do that; to feel like it really is possible to be the Doctor or the companion. The characters are all so strongly written that even if you hate them you still want to know what is going to happen to them next. At the heart of it all for me, it’s how I grew up believing Britain was; full of crazy men with blue boxes having adventures in far away places or times. This might explain why I’m an Anglophile now.” – Lindsay Breen

“It ‘as the energy of five other Sci Fi shows combined into one, and ditto the brains.” – Darren Marting

“I love ‘Doctor Who’ because it touches the vastness which is the human experience, and mirrors our good and our bad. I feel more enlightened after each episode.” – Tony Sanchez

“It’s funny and quirky with great characters, heroes, villains and monsters; and there’s always a chance of being whisked away in the TARDIS.” – Kristine Murphy

“It gives me an excuse to go to an alternate universe in which anything can happen.” – Christen Mears

“Because it is the best show on TV at the moment.” – Boulent Mustafa

“I like ‘Doctor Who’ because watching it takes you to a different place. If I am having a bad day, I can watch an episode and it always cheers me up.” – Stephanie Billyard

Whether they are new to the program or have enjoyed it for decades, Whovians feel a special kinship to the program and its characters. Hopefully word of this amazing show will continue to spread and bring in new generations who dream of travelling with The Doctor.

Why do you love “Doctor Who”? Please share your answer in the comments section below.


Published by: Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney is an avid Doctor Who and British science fiction fan. She attends the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles annually, and facilitates the Doctor Who Panels for the Starfest Convention in Denver. During her active Doctor Who Fandom, she has met four Doctors, countless companions and numerous Doctor Who actors, writers and directors. Contact Heather at doctorwhoheather@gmail.com. http://www.examiner.com/user-doctorwhoheather

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