Mayan Apocalypse: Is today the last day?

Pyrenean Village Of Bugarach Prepares For Mayan Prophecy
BUGARACH, FRANCE – DECEMBER 20: Sun rise in Bugarath, a small village in the foothills of the Pyrenees on December 20, 2012 in Bugarach, France. Miviludes, the French Government’s dedicated sect watchdog, are investigating the likelihood of apocalyptic sect activity or ritualised suicides due to the prophecy of an ancient Mayan calendar which also claims that Burgarach is the only place on Earth which will be saved from the apocalypse on the evening of December 21, 2012. (Photo by Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images)

By, Heather Maloney

Well, the day is almost here; December 21, 2012. As soon as the world did not end on January 1, 2000 the world began to focus their apocalyptic worries on the end of the Mayan calendar. Would the Earth be hit with an asteroid? Would that date bring a religious figure back to walk amongst the population? The suspense is almost over as there since the dreaded day is tomorrow. Now that it is almost here, what time will the world end?

Time Zones, the Apocalypse and the Sacred Tree

Pesky time zones have their way to just confuse the end of the world! The Mayans lived in what now is the Central Time Zone in the United States. Did they predict a specific time? Most experts believe that the end of their calendar is on the moment of the winter solstice which will occur at 5:12 am in the Central Time Zone. What is even more impressive is that for the first time, the Mayan’s ‘Sacred Tree’ will take place. This is when the Sun will come into alignment with the Milky Way. Since this has never happened before in all of civilization’s history, no one is exactly sure what will happen.

What will happen to all of the 2012 documentaries?

When anyone turns on the television they are bombarded with documentaries on 2012, the Mayans and Apocalypse predictions. Like the documentaries about Y2K, the hours’ worth of programming will go into the vast abyss of lost television shows. While this sounds like a miracle, many of the documentaries are well done and can even make a believer out of a cynic, even if just for a moment. Even if the world does not end, documentary television writers can breathe a sigh of relief. The comet Apophis is predicted to collide with the Earth on April 13, 2036. This leaves 23 years to create shows and hoard water.

The world will find out in less than 24 hours whether the world will end as was predicted centuries ago and has been worried about for the last decade. While wiping out credit card debt does sound like a door to nirvana, the world would never get to open their holiday presents or watch the “Doctor Who” Christmas special. Fingers crossed that the sun will rise on December 22nd.


Published by: Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney is an avid Doctor Who and British science fiction fan. She attends the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles annually, and facilitates the Doctor Who Panels for the Starfest Convention in Denver. During her active Doctor Who Fandom, she has met four Doctors, countless companions and numerous Doctor Who actors, writers and directors. Contact Heather at

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