Nichelle Nichols At Starfest 2014

Hey friends! With StarFest only a few short weeks away (yay) I decided that I would take some time and tell you how excited I am for the guest lineup this year! I am and always have been a huge Star Trek fan, so the fact that I will finally meet an original cast member in person is like a dream come true! So you can guess who I am most excited to meet, Nichelle!

For those of you who don’t know, Nichelle played a very important and ground-breaking role in the original Star Trek television series as well as the subsequent movies. She played the communications officer Lieutenant Uhura! This was a ground-breaking role because Nichelle is one of the first African American women to featured in a television series as a character outside of a servant. Nichelle and William Shatner also shared the first inter-racial kiss on television! Fun fact, Martian Luther King Jr. loved Nichelle and her work on Star Trek, so much so that when she was considering quitting, he encouraged her to stay.


Nichelle had quite a life outside of Star Trek as well, the complete package! Nichelle started off as a singer and she even has two albums out. She co-wrote a song for Gene Roddenbury entitled “Gene” and performed it at his funeral. She’s even got an asteroid named after her! That’s right Asteroid 68410-Nichelle! One of the coolest things that I love Nichelle for is her work with NASA. How many people can say they played in Star Trek and then came home to work with NASA as a consultant? The best part about her with with NASA? She of course volunteered her time to help recruit minorities and women into their programs!

As I mentioned, I am a huge Star Trek fan and I cannot wait to meet Nichelle!

Starfest is only 24 days away! So be sure you are all caught up on the latest news/information. You can find them here:



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