Star Wars Casting News


By, Little Kristy

What a week for Star Wars fans! Not only did Lucasfilms confirm that the upcoming films will feature no material from the Expanded Universe, but yesterday, April 29, 2014, the studio finally announced the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII! The charge of excitement from Star Wars fans is evident as they soak in this announcement and start the process of analyzing and debating what to expect from each of these actors.

Though it was announced rather casually, I suppose I expected trumpets to follow the announcement, it was announced not on May the Fourth, (a Star Wars holiday of sorts), but several days before.  I was tucked away in bed when I noticed the tweet from Mark Hamill which read; “Finally I can officially say: I’M IN!!! #StarWars #StarWarsEpVII.”

A quick Google search brought up CNN’s article; “’Star Wars: Episode VII’ goes back to the future with original stars” by Alan Duke. Another look at the official Star Wars website; “STAR WARS: EPISODE VII CAST ANNOUNCED” helped to confirm the news.

Though I was thrilled by the news, I knew that the original cast would be in the new Star Wars movie. George Lucas himself told us they would. Bless Him.

Also, attached to the announcement is a black and white photo with the newly announced cast comfortably sitting in chairs and it appears they are each holding a script. J.J. Abrams is also in the photo along with the new cast members and Kathleen Kennedy. Below is the cast list:

Harrison Ford

Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill

Anthony Daniels

Peter Mayhew

Kenny Baker

John Boyega

Daisy Ridley

Adam Driver

Oscar Isaac

Andy Serkis

Domhnall Gleeson

Max von Sydow

No word yet as to what roles the new Star Wars cast will play. So, be prepared for much speculation concerning their roles. As for me, the thrill I am feeling now is that same thrill I had when any Star Wars: The Phantom Menace news was released. This is indeed a special time for all of us Star Wars fans as we not only gear up for May the Fourth, but as we start enjoying all the latest Star Wars news!

May the Force be with us!

Official Star Wars Website:
CNN’s Article:


Published by: Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney is an avid Doctor Who and British science fiction fan. She attends the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles annually, and facilitates the Doctor Who Panels for the Starfest Convention in Denver. During her active Doctor Who Fandom, she has met four Doctors, countless companions and numerous Doctor Who actors, writers and directors. Contact Heather at

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