Denver Comic Con 2014 – News Recap Day!


Denver Comic Con 2014 is right around the corner, so you think they’d be done with all of these amazing announcements…they aren’t! In the past few days we have had TONS of new announcements from new guests to the official 2014 DCC Beer name and launch party, a 3rd annual “Nerd Rock” show at the Hard Rock to of course the Star Trek: The Next Generation panel hosted by Captain Kirk himself! With all these new announcements, where to start? Well, here at The Geek Port we will be bringing you detailed information about all of these latest announcements in what we are calling “Denver Comic Con 2014 News Day Recap Day” ! Stay with us throughout the day to learn more about all of the amazing that Denver Comic Con will be bringing us in just 28 days!

I want to start the day off with a little bit about Comic Book Classroom, which is the non-profit that benefits from the proceeds of Denver Comic Con itself. You guys, this is uniquely huge for a convention of this size. Other large comic conventions do not operate on the sole purpose of founding such an amazing organization that fights for literacy and arts in our kids schools. Comic Book Classroom provides free curriculum utilizing comic books as a way to increase literacy in school programs. Not only does this curriculum promote literacy but it improves art skills and encourages these kids to be creative and get their story-telling juices flowing. The first thing you see when you walk onto the floor at Denver Comic Con is the Comic Book Classroom Corral, which is an area designed just for kids and is filled with kid friendly activities that promote literacy and the arts.  The joy on kids faces when they walk into the Corral for the first time is something that cannot be described, only experienced. Last year both William Shatner and Peter Mayhew joined kids in the corral to read to the kids and talk about the importance of creativity and learning as well as accepting others for who they are. Last year I was lucky enough to attend a “Graduation Day” for one of the CBC Classrooms and it was hands down one of the most inspiring things I have ever been to. These kids were so engaged in their stories and their art but at the same time they were intent on working together to finish up their books. At the end of the class they presented their comic pages to kids not only from their class, but other classes and parents/caregivers as well. The whole classroom got into a discussion about what comic books they read or what stories they liked and why reading was so important. To see kids sit and willingly talk about what stories they couldn’t wait to read and why they liked certain characters was heart-warming and you could see the passion and dedication that their CBC Instructor (Becky Franks Cassidy in this case) had put into the program. This is what the proceeds from Denver Comic Con go towards, giving kids around our state (and hopefulyl soon nationwide) another outlet to express creativity, improve their reading skills and keep art in the classroom. That Graduation Day is an experience that I will never forget and every time I see kids in the Corral at Denver Comic Con brings a smile to my face knowing that I helped to make that happen. So be proud, because of you and your passion for comics/pop culture and your support of Denver Comic Con, you are making that happen too.

To learn more about Comic Book Classroom head to their website at :

To stay up to date with all of the Denver Comic Con news be sure you follow them on all of their outlets!



Stay tuned! For the rest of the day The Geek Port will be going over the details of all the latest announcements from Denver Comic Con!


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